22 November 2007

Popcast 4

The Doors - The End

Thanks to one and all for your support last week so here is number 4. This month it is The Doors who get the treatment of flavour of the week.
In May 1967, The Doors made their television debut by recording a version of "The End" for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) at their Yorkville Studios in Toronto. It remained unseen since its original broadcast until the release of The Doors Soundstage Performances DVD in 2002. This is the video above.
For the first track on the Popcast I managed to mix in the start of The Doors film with a mash up by DJ Zebra, who is French and he uses a Noir Desire song along with Riders on a Storm. Also look out for Jacob Golden who was a find by my Dad and a good one too.
  1. Jim Nous Portera - DJZebra
  2. An End Has A Start - Editors
  3. Detroit 442 - Blondie
  4. Leave It Alone (Radio Edit) - Operator Please
  5. The Movie - The Doors
  6. Wild Child - The Doors
  7. Out Come The Wolves - Jacob Golden
  8. Run Rabbit, Run - The Hoosiers
  9. Buick Mackane - T Rex
  10. Lord Don't Slow Me Down - Oasis
  11. Gloria - The Doors
  12. Choo Choo - Artic Monkeys
  13. Floating Away (In the Bath Tub) - Toploader
  14. Pictures of Matchstick Men - Kasabian
  15. How Will I Know - The Lemonheads
  16. Whiskey, Mystics And Men- The Doors
  17. Ghost Song- The Doors
  18. Indian Summer- The Doors
  19. When The Music's Over- The Doors
Download Here: Popcast 4


Jeff said...

The Doors use to bug me but now I'm digging it hard and this clip is the bomb. Thank You

Jeff said...

The Doors use to bug but now I'm really digging them. They are the quintessential LA band...that why Jims depth is such a joke; its in LA image. Once you get over that they are as cool as The Seeds and Love. This clip is the bomb.