22 October 2007

EMF - Stigma

I used to blast this album out it was great. Put it on loud in your car with the windows down. Ah the follies of youth.

The name "EMF" officially stands for "Epsom Mad Funkers," but there are unofficial alternatives, such as "Every Mother's Favourite," "Eat My Foetus," "Ever Music Forever," "Eat More Fruit", "Easy Mother Fuckers", "English Mother Fuckers," and "Ecstasy Mother Fuckers" (the last of which occurred in a track called "EMF", a live version of which featured on the B Side of the single "Unbelievable").

  1. "They're Here"
  2. "Arizona"
  3. "It's You That Leaves Me Dry"
  4. "Never Know"
  5. "Blue Highs"
  6. "Inside"
  7. "Getting Through"
  8. "She Bleeds"
  9. "Dog"
  10. "The Light That Burns Twice As Bright"

Download Here: Stigma

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