12 October 2007

Oasis - Don't Go Away

Sad Song is such a cool tune and if I am right Noel wrote it on the train on the way to the studio.

  1. "Don't Go Away"
  2. "Cigarettes & Alcohol" (Live from GMEX, Manchester, December 14, 1997)
  3. "Sad Song"
  4. "Fade Away" [Warchild version]

The song, according to Noel, is about losing someone close and it was written when his mother, Peggy, was hospitalised and suspected of having cancer. His mother did not have cancer, but the experience gave Noel the idea to write something "quite bleak." It has also been claimed that rhythm guitarist Bonehead requested Noel write a song along those lines after the death of his own mother. The line "Cold and Frosty Morning" appears to have been lifted from the Kinks' "Dead End Street".
Liam Gallagher claims to have cried whilst recording the song, as a result of dwelling on "a certain thing". He said, in a 1997 interview, "I just thought 'fuck that, I can't be singing this song' and I had to go away and sort meself out". Listening back to the song he admits to being very proud of his vocal performance.

Download Here: Don't Go

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