12 October 2007

Oasis - Whatever

                  This is one of the greatest singles ever released, in my opinion of course.

                  1. "Whatever" - 6:21
                  2. "(It's Good) to Be Free" - 4:18
                  3. "Half the World Away" - 4:25
                  4. "Slide Away" - 6:31

                  "Whatever" was released as a contender for the coveted position of Christmas #1, 1994. It is a testament to Noel Gallagher's all-conquering self confidence that he should predict "Whatever"'s success before he was even given a record contract, saying "In the beginning, there was a masterplan, to the extent that I knew that 'Whatever,' one of the first songs I ever wrote, would be a Christmas Top Five hit, but I think anyone who heard the song could have told you that."

                  Download here - Whatever

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