24 October 2007

A-ha - Scoundrel Days

This is one of my most played albums ever. Yip I know that it is A-ha but they are better than you think and they will suprise you. This I bought when I was a young lad and I remember playing it on my walkman. I was cool back then but this is still cool and Coldplay have said that A-Ha are a huge influence on their sound.
Try it you might like it. Go on.

1. Scoundrel Days
2. Swing Of Things
3. I've Been Losing You
4. October
5. Manhattan Skyline
6. Cry Wolf
7. Looking For The Whales
8. Weight Of The Wind
9. Maybe Maybe
10. Soft Rains Of April

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1 comment:

iggystar said...

I love this album! I remember my favorite song being Manhattan Skyline and Soft Rains of April.

When I get home I'm going to check iTunes and see if I can buy it... my tape is dead.