22 October 2007

Tim Burgess - I Believe

The standout track on the album is "Be my Baby", which is a cracking accoustic track from Burgess which picks the album up after the slow dirge, "We all need love". Another poor track is "Spend a night with you", which is a dull piece which should really have been left in the recording studio. Tracks "Years ago", "All I ever do" and "Say Yes" are good additions to the album, with the latter being an upbeat singalong.

1. I Believe In The Spirit
2. Held In Straps
3. Only A Boy
4. We All Need Love
5. Oh My Corazon
6. Be My Baby
7. Years Ago
8. Say Yes
9. Spend The Night
10. Po’ Boy Soul
11. All I Ever Do

Download here: I Believe

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